Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Loved Sex;

I finally went and caught the Sex and the City 2 movie. It was very long! But I know that if it would've been short, I would've been complaining about it for days! I went with my cousin and my sis in law (the shortest to the point way to say it). We went to Lincoln Square. Originally we were going to see it on 42nd street but my cousin didn't want to deal with the crowd. And she is right, Times Square is always packed. I can't wait to get the DVD because, I am sure that they cut off a lot! I hope that it will have tons and tons of deleted scenes. I liked that they really got into Big and Carrie's relationship, and that Charlotte wasn't as happy as the last movie. Miranda, was less up tight for once! And Samantha, was just being Samantha, you either love her or hate her, and I love her! It did leave me wondering if it will always just be Big and Carrie, just the two of them? Hmm...

It was just great to be in New York again. I go through withdrawals when I am away for too long.



Britt. said...

I thought the movie was bad, lol...check out my review!

newyorkaccent said...

i also liked the movie & I hope it's just them two, I feel if they change that it'll make them just like every other stereotypical couple. I like that their relationship is different.