Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby and Paint

Adrian will be 1 month and 3 weeks this upcoming Tuesday. I try not to count too much the days that go by, I just want to live in the moment, and enjoy it, him, us. He's chunkier, and can finally fit into some of his 0-3 month Carter's clothing. The other brands are a bit larger in size. He is more aware, and stays up longer throughout the day. I can be holding him while watching tv or talking to Joe, when all of a sudden I look down at Adrian, and he's focused on my face. It melts my heart. I love seeing Joe with him. The way that he "baby talks" to him. Take it from me, when you see the person you love caring and loving your child, it makes you love them even more.

Me? I have been keeping busy. Joe and I both have. Poor guy is tearing off the carpets in each room. He did the dining room, guest room/girl cave (my chill room, in the process of being made over) and tomorrow he will work on Adrian's soon to be nursery. His furniture is in there, but nothing has been put in its place due to the pending floor job, or whatever its called, which by the way, will begin sometime this week. What exactly has been keeping me busy? Painting. When we first moved into this house last April (Happy Anniversary!) I managed to paint the livingroom, the wall to the staircase, the hallways, and began the process of painting the large dining room. My brother and his nephew painted the master bedroom. Painting the borders on the walls were also time consuming and tideous. Now that I have given birth, and have my energy back, I picked right back up from where I left off. I am 99% finished painting the dining room, I just have to touch up the edges close to the ceiling, and I am fineeto! When I remove the blue painters' tape I will hear a fat lady sing! You have NO idea how happy I am to be getting rid of these hideous and filthy carpets! Each room in the house has a different type of carpet, like, who does that?! And Joe is allergic to everything, and I know that carpets make it worse due to the dust. I have been snapping pictures of the process, so look out for those.

What is something that you'd want to change in your living space?

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Fotos y Recuerdos

Selena Quintanilla Perez
April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995
I will always remember you. Your fan always,

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get on the floor

Joe and I were talking the other day, and it hit me that our 1 year anniversary living at our house will be next month. April was a crazy month for us, with my losing my job a few days after we moved here, it was scary. 

Since moving here our lives have changed so much! In July we found out that we would be parents, and here we are in March and he's here with us! The first thing that this house needed was PAINT. They had every single room painted a ugly ugly beige color, and the played out red accent wall in the livingroom. We are still working on the finishing touches. Since Joe hates painting, I was the one doing most of it. Needless to say with the pregnancy and the short bout of job less induced depression, I just didn't have it in me to continue painting. But now I am back! And with it comes our next project. Getting rid of these hideous and filthy, dusty carpets! You can get a peek of them in the picture below.

On Saturday we stopped by a local flooring showcase room or whatever its called, and picked out our favorite samples. We went with these three (By the way, we are going with the Laminate wood flooring, not hardwood). We chose dark, light, and medium tone. I really like the medium (last one to the right), but Joe and a friend like the light wood (middle).  What do you think? I just don't want the house to look small or too dark. Our walls are light colors. 

I've been googling...

this is a sample of how the flooring on the right (chesapeake walnut 2) looks installed. 

this is a sample of the flooring in the middle (tanned oak 3)

I wont even post the first one because it no longer is in the running. But if you're wondering the color is Chocolate Cafe Rosewood U1312. Its too dark. Its something that I'd like for a few weeks and then want o-u-t--OUT! 

To be continued...

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pretty Case

While adding things unto our baby registry, I realized that I caught myself wanting to buy things that were "unique". Things that I wanted to use that looked nice, and different. For example, my diaper bag. I didn't want the typical diaper bag with kid characters and such (Which one did I go with? That's a post of its own, so wait for it). Of course this does not exclude the baby wipe case that rooms in the diaper bag. I looked on etsy, and other places online for a "pretty" one, and I didn't find any that I loved. The ones that I did find were in my opinion, basic, plain, or tacky. No offense if you are in the business of making these, I probably didn't bump into yours ;)

Frustrated I gave up, and decided to make my own! I looked around my house and grabbed my Mod Podge, a small paint brush to apply the podge with, and the baby wipe case. The only thing that I didn't have around the house was what I would decorate the case with. I could've easily settled for many things but I decided to wait. If I was going to do this, I wanted to do it right!

Eventually I had a lightbulb light over my head, and I grabbed my new Lilly Pulitzer 2014 agenda and use one of the pages from the book. Since we're in the month of March, and Adrian was born in February, I decided to use the February page. This is what happened:

What I used: Scissors, Mod Podge (Matte) Print from my agenda, 
small brush (not pictured) and of course the booooring wipe case.

I cut the paper into the size/shape that I wanted it. 

Here is the little brush that I used to apply the Mod Podge. 
I waited for the podge to get tacky, and then placed the paper on top.

After I placed the paper on top of the podge, I made sure to remove any air bubbles with my fingers, 
before adding a top coat of the podge on the paper to seal/protect the paper.

Wait until it dries. And here is the finished look! Now I have a unique, different, and pretty case!

If you revamp your wipe case, or if I inspired you to revamp anything, share it with me in the comments section!

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