Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pretty Case

While adding things unto our baby registry, I realized that I caught myself wanting to buy things that were "unique". Things that I wanted to use that looked nice, and different. For example, my diaper bag. I didn't want the typical diaper bag with kid characters and such (Which one did I go with? That's a post of its own, so wait for it). Of course this does not exclude the baby wipe case that rooms in the diaper bag. I looked on etsy, and other places online for a "pretty" one, and I didn't find any that I loved. The ones that I did find were in my opinion, basic, plain, or tacky. No offense if you are in the business of making these, I probably didn't bump into yours ;)

Frustrated I gave up, and decided to make my own! I looked around my house and grabbed my Mod Podge, a small paint brush to apply the podge with, and the baby wipe case. The only thing that I didn't have around the house was what I would decorate the case with. I could've easily settled for many things but I decided to wait. If I was going to do this, I wanted to do it right!

Eventually I had a lightbulb light over my head, and I grabbed my new Lilly Pulitzer 2014 agenda and use one of the pages from the book. Since we're in the month of March, and Adrian was born in February, I decided to use the February page. This is what happened:

What I used: Scissors, Mod Podge (Matte) Print from my agenda, 
small brush (not pictured) and of course the booooring wipe case.

I cut the paper into the size/shape that I wanted it. 

Here is the little brush that I used to apply the Mod Podge. 
I waited for the podge to get tacky, and then placed the paper on top.

After I placed the paper on top of the podge, I made sure to remove any air bubbles with my fingers, 
before adding a top coat of the podge on the paper to seal/protect the paper.

Wait until it dries. And here is the finished look! Now I have a unique, different, and pretty case!

If you revamp your wipe case, or if I inspired you to revamp anything, share it with me in the comments section!

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Stefany Mari ❤ said...

That is soo cute! I wouldn't have thought of anything like that.. I'm like the least creative/crafty person ever :(