Tuesday, March 18, 2014

35 Weeker

Yup. 35 weeks, and Adrian decided that enough was enough. He wanted out of my uterus! Secretly, I was thankful that he took pity on me and the discomfort that I was in, but then again, whos to say that he wasn't as uncomfortable or more than I? It just took us all by surprise. I guess he didn't like the birthdate that we chose for him... Cesarean was scheduled for Tuesday March 4th, 2014. Instead, he preferred Tuesday February 18th, 2014. Nice. A boy that knows what he wants, and goes for it.

Ive been keeping a journal for Adrian, since before I was even pregnant. In there I wrote my labor story, and honestly I don't have it in me to write/type all of that up again. Just know that we're all okay. After all that is what matters.

He is now 1 month old and I cannot deal. I am definitely going to be one of those mothers that cries on birthdays. They'll be tears of both joy and sadness. The joy that I feel today is because he's ours. He's healthy, he's a blessing, and he's growing. The sadness is that time flies by quickly! When you have a little one you are more aware of time. Also, the fact that you realize that he won't be a baby forever. What else is there to do but to soak up as much as you can. I catch myself staring at him, taking pictures, and recording him and his features, and how he sucks on his bottom lip when I take the nipple out of his bottle out of his mouth in order to burp him. He's like me in that aspect. Do not mess with our food!

There you have him, our bundle of joy : )

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