Monday, December 2, 2013


According to a baby app on my phone, AJ is the size of a grapefruit. He moves a lot whenever he is awake. My parents got to feel his kicks. He doesn't let Joe feel him lol. As soon as I place Joe's hand on my belly, he decides to remain still. It's funny. He does kick Rocky our dog, Rocky kind of reacts to it, like he moves away a little, but of course he doesn't know whats the heck is kicking him. I can't wait to see the dog and boy relationship lol.

Yesterday my brother, sister in law, mom, Joe and I went to drop off the contract at the banquet hall we decided to go with for the babyshower. It was also a great oppurtunity for everyone involved in the planning to see the place and get an idea of where the things will be and such. I cannot say it enough, how thankful I am for my family and their help. My brother and his wife are the ones throwing it for us. Joe and I are helping to buy things, but if it were just us doing this, it wouldn't be as special? I don't know if it makes sense, but as a Hispanic, the entire family is involved in raising the children in the family. Growing up I was aware that if I broke the rules, or treated my parents like trash, I'd have to deal with the backlash of my actions from my aunts, grandparents, and etc. 

I made up my mind of how I want my cake, I know 1 tier will be red velvet, and the second tier will be pineapple filling. Dominicans love their fruit fillings in their cakes lol. I declined a Dominican cake. We eat it at every family event, and it gets tiring. Luckily Joe's co worker is a baker, and his cakes are just perfect. Not too sweet. His prices are also very reasonable. I hear that his cupcakes are excellent. He makes batches with a variety of flavors. Mmmm, really looking forward to it. My family will be cooking, and depending on what everyone makes, we will get additional platters to add more of a variety. All that I have to do right now, is start buying the mason jars, and the acrylic paint. I decided that the most economical way to go with flowers is baby's breaths. It makes sense too lol. Get it? My friend Valeria will help me with the messy part (painting.) The invitations are all of their way to their homes. The shower is less than a month away, eek! So, bare with me and my shower related posts.

PREGNANCY: Like I mentioned above, I know when he is sleeping. He always wakes up after I have a meal, and moments after I am hungry again lol. He makes sure to take his share haha. My energy levels vary. My 5th month I was seemingly normal. Now in my 6th month, I find myself craving naps, and sleeping in later than I did in my 5th month. But, that is normal. One of the scars from my laparoscopic surgery attempt tends to hurt. Like, really bad. I can tolerate high levels of pain so to me its painful but not to the point of crying, but it is annoying, and uncomfortable. I try to move around hoping that he changes position. That usually helps. I will mention it to my Gyn during my next visit. My appetite varies. One thing that hasn't changed is that I NEED breakfast. If not, I feel like I will collapse. I eat at 7am, and then have to eat again at 11 or 1130. I also try to snack in between meals. Water is always nearby. My juice  of choice right now, is natural lemonaide. And junk food of choice? Mc Donalds. During this month, it seems like I can no longer drink Coke. It gives me palpitations "/ Ive never been a huge soda drinker, but I need caffeine here and there, it helps prevent headaches. So, chocolate will have to do hehe. 

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Darianne said...

CONGRATS!!! Your blog doesn't even show up in my feed anymore. I'm sure I'm late as a reader but how exciting! xx