Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jars, Flowers, and Thangs

The next couple of weeks (for me) will continue to be all about mason jars, and the many different types of ways that I can (with the help of some of my girlies ofcourse) jazz them up to make beautiful non diy looking centerpieces for my babyshower this upcoming January. God willing. Here are some of the inspirations:

I want flowers. But, I don't want to break the bank. I have been looking into wholesale stores like Cosco, and Sams Club for good deals. In order to keep the spending low, I want to use more than just flowers. I started working on a jar, just to get an idea. I plan on buying more, and visiting my local goodwill stores in order to find vases in different shapes and sizes. I volunteered myself to making my own centerpieces. Idk, I guess I wanted control of something pertaining to the babyshower. I also do not want to get overwhelmed, which is why I left it in the hands of my sister in law.

 photo siggy_zps0de5f539.jpgThe baby and I are fine. His kicks are getting stronger with each passing day. My belly button is starting to pop out lol. It really all depends on how he is curled up in there. He likes to hang low. My appetite fluctuates. A lot of the time, I am hungry and have NO idea what it is that I want. Joe is the one person that gets to me emotionally. Sometimes I am extra sensitive, and cry for the smallest things (another symptom that I noticed before the fatigue kicked in, before finding out I was pregnant.) I am starting to buy diapers. Preparing ourselves for the time that I will be out of work. That is the only thing that I am allowing myself to buy before the shower. After, we will see what we still need and go for it. Anyway, this is it for now. Hope you're well!

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Stefany Mari ❤ said...

Love the mason jar idea... especially with the rocks and candles & the gold sprayed ones. Don't buy too many diapers, that's the most common baby shower gift after clothes.