Thursday, July 15, 2010

July: To do list *

ɞ Change Major to Guidance Counseling.
ɞ Register for classes.
ɞ Fill out Fafsa.
ɞ Sign up for that* membership I've been contemplating.

Those are the things that I have to do before the end of the month. I will give myself a set of goals each month. Short term goals seem to work better for me. I have to go and check my old tumblr and see which of my 2010 resolutions I have already achieved. Once I do the things on this list (the ones that I wasn't too specific about) I will reveal them. *
* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


SweetPea said...

i believe you have completed these goals already????? :-)

Miss C i n d i a * said...

Today : )

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

yeah fafsa I remember those days. I need lists, without it I can't seem to get things done.

viviaan said...

man i wish i had some goals. haha! goodluck babe you inspire usss x

sheiswinterwest said...

i need to start making list. great idea :)