Monday, August 23, 2010

In threes.

Three names I go by;
Cindia, Cindy, Cin

Three places I have lived;
Dominican Rep., New York, Pennsylvania

Three people who text/bbm me regularly;
Xenia, Angie, Jamal

Three fave drinks;
Water, Cranberry juice, Fruit punch

Three fave. old shows;
Saved by the Bell, Friends, Charmed

Three tv shows I watch;
The Secret Life of an American Teenager, The Game, Vampire Diaries

Three fave dishes;
Chicken/Fettucine Alfredo, Rice/beans/chicken, Philly Rolls (Sushi)

Three place I have been;
Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico

Three beauty/makeup products I can't live without;
Vaseline, HIP Eyeliner, Lotion!

Three places I would like to visit;
Italia, China, California (again)

Three things I'm looking forward to;
Birthday weekend (8/26), Pay Day, School

Three jobs I have had;
KFC/A&W, Sam Goody, Office Assistant

Taken From: Check her out!

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

ahh I love sushi too! & secret life of the american teenager thats my guilty pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

i love sushi too!

great post :)

Anonymous said...

Friends, FTW.!
I've literally seen every episode atleast five times. Maybe more. Ha.
All classicness.