Sunday, January 9, 2011

Haul: Elf part 2

I received a code in my email from ELF that saved me about $9 on their brush kit. It is originally priced at $30 and I was already planning on getting them. I could not resist! I got some things that I wanted to get the first time around.

Elf is perfect for a gal like me. I enjoy make up, but I don't go out of my way to spend a ton of money on it "/ if I could, I probably would? Who knows. Anyway, unto my haul and reviews on some of the products.


Again, the shipment got here earlier than I expected it to. It said I'd receive it on Jan 7th but I got it on the 6th. I was so happy :) Like the other shipment, not everything was bubble wrapped. But, this time around, I wish everything would've been, because a palette was damaged. Not to the point that it's trash, but.. see for yourself:

Name: Natural

I didn't even have to do a swatch, you can see how pigmented it is here. I was cleaning it and got some of it on my hands.

Same palette, different colors. Name: Party

Some swatches. I am really loving the black! It's so shiny :)

ItsJudyTime made a tutorial one day, I think right before NYE and I actually did that look for NYE, a mermaid look (link) I believe it was. But I used the 120 palette, and I loved the ELF one she used. Which is the one above. It's the 32 piece eye shadow collection.

These swatches aren't that good, but you get the point right? Don't mind my hairy arm and fingers "/ Im latina!

This is the brush kit. It's the 11 Piece Glittery one. I think they say that they are "Limited Edition" on the website. I like that they come with their own brush guards which help to keep the brush hairs in their natural shape, I guess that's the best way to put it. The brushes were surprisingly soft. I have eco tools brushes as well as coastal scents. Although these are softer than both of those brands, the other brands feel less, plastic? They feel more.. Real? I am happy with the quality though, they pick make up pretty well, and notice the little booklet it comes with, it tells you what each brush is for, which makes this kit perfect for any beginner, which is what I am : ) Oh! And a huge con to the brushes, is that when I opened the box the smell was VERY strong! I don't know what smelled though, because the brushes themselves didn't but the waterproof case reeked of chemicals. Air that sucker out! Mine smells fine now. Either way, I recommend to wash any brush you buy before you use them. Whatever the brand.

I hope this helped, since the last time I didn't really-- Okay, okay I didn't review the products at all! I have another review coming up for a drugstore purchase that I made. Have a great week!

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Call Me Alisha ッ said...

looking good..!

AnieLii said...

I want to try out elf, I had no idea they were so cheap. I was like no way :)

Anonymous said...

I want to try out ELF as well! lovely colors! i love your nail color as well :)

Anonymous said...

RE: hey love! NY wa great. i loved it but it's not the same anymore. i guess i've changed and it's TOO cold!