Saturday, January 12, 2013


I know, I know, it has been a hot minute since I last updated. I have just been going through somethings. Nothing too bad, but all that I will say is that anxiety is a bitch. I can also say that I am on a mission, a mission to do things for myself that I never knew needed to be done, or shall I say learn. Therapy has helped me see this. The right questions, can sometimes have you stuck and having a "Wow, I never realized that about myself, and I want to change, for the better." I realized that I have a hard time expressing how I feel, and an even harder time telling others how what they do to me make me feel. Whether its hurting me, or taking my kindness for weakness, are just a couple of examples. I cant wait to begin that year long journey of my life.

In other news, happy new year! I don't know what the new year holds for this blog because, my interests are changing. I still sort of like makeup, and am proud to say that my last purchase was a small one, and it was a couple of months ago. I only get things that I need, or run out of. No more going crazy with nail polish purchases. I can proudly say that I can walk into a nail polish store or aisle, and walk away without a single bottle if I don't see a color that I must have. Before it was more of a, "Oh this looks nice, so does this." To not even open those bottles afterwards. 

I have a lot of plans, and goals. I am already working towards them. What is a goal for you? I no longer do resolutions, I just go with the flow, and give myself random goals as the year goes by. Oh! Did I mention that from May to December I lost 25 pounds? I am satisfied with that. I am at my goal weight, after so so so many years of trying to get there. Walking, that is what helped. I walk a lot at work, and they just came off. 

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I apologize for the lack of pictures in this entry. You'll live lol. Kisses!!!

*xo, c i n d y.


Miss SP ❥ said...

That is hilarious about the nail thing LMAO cause I totally understand and can relate. I used to be so obsessed but now I'm like blah w/e.

HER words said...

I completely know how it feels knowing something about oneself through someone esle's observation. It's an eye opener and it helps us to make changes to better ourselves. Thats wonderful therapy has been helping you. Isn't it nice to see good results?