Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday weekend;

Pictures from our lovely day at the zoo : ) the weather was great and we enjoyed ourselves. The smiles on my parent's faces was the icing on the cake. You can click on all of the pictures to see the original sizes! These are just some of them.

The birds were all in the avian house. It's similar to a butterfly house, so the birds are running free and flying all around you. My brother almost got flown into and I almost got pooped on lol I am grateful to my reflexes.

A very shy Orangutan, it was hovered under a blanket. A little monkey would go over and tap on it, and it would just cover itself even more, or hit the little guy until he left lol. So much personality!

My favorites. The Gorillas : ) I read on a sign "Did I forget my deodorant? No it isn't you, it's the Gorillas, they have a very strong unforgettable odor". They weren't lying!

It was so surreal being that close to it. I was in awe. I'd touch the glass and he'd just look at all of us there, all relaxed. I loved it : D

My brother drove.

My Cousin Denise's daughter Karla <3

Tomorrow it's back to work. I am about to go to bed right now actually. Have a great week!

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