Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter 01*

So I have decided to start the 30 day meme. I was inspired by simplygorjess : ) I wanted to wait until after we got back but, I was eager to start. I apologize in advance for stopping after 5 days, just know that I'll start it back up as soon as I return. Anyway, I believe that the meme is that you write a letter about the topic or to the person that it's about. Either way it's too late now, ha!

Best friend;

We met on the bus stop freshman year. I thought she was in a higher grade than I was, and that she lived across the street from me (she resembled my neighbor that I never spoke to or ever really saw). As time passed I discovered that she had a great sense of humor. That was what drew me to her, that she would be herself and didn't really care. Everyone always seemed so happy to be around her. Soon, I was part of that group. I found out that she lived a few blocks away, and that she and I were in the same grade. Crazy how we never shared one class! Messed up. Our school did their schedules alphabetically, so I'd have some of the same people in my classes every year, unless they changed schedules etc.

My best friend at the time, didn't like her* and didn't want me to talk to her*, but I saw that that was just insane. As she* and I grew closer me and my bestie at the time grew further and further apart. Anyway to cut the story short, she* and I are still best friends to this day, she lives in New York and I in PA. I terribly miss her and being able to just walk to her house. Trust me, she can tell you that I took full advantage of that privilege! I'd be in her house everyday after school. We've shared tears, heart breaks, happiness, parties, drinks, hugs, and i love yous just to name a few. She has a good chunk of my heart and idk what I'd do without her. She gets me. And I get her. I love you my, beautiful flower.

That's my bestie and I hanging out with biggie. She hugged him all politely, I was like come here! With my arm all stretched out lmao, good times.

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Hell Notes for Beauty said...

This was such a touching letter. You guys are so lucky to have each other.

sheiswinterwest said...

That was beautiful! & I didn't know you lived in PA! Your def. On my list of blogger friends I have to meet! Your so sweet!