Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maybe Not

The Kindle Reader, I am thinking about buying one. It has 3g and wifi, but, call me corny or weird, I just love driving to a bookstore on a weekend, and looking and looking for a nice book. I love the smell of the pages, and actually owning books! I have a small collection + I take care of them, so they'll last me years. Those little joyous moments are what keep me away from hitting the buy now button.
* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

i have to agree with you. i have a little collection myself too! what books do you own?

LaLa said...

Not weird at all I'm the same way. I LOVE book stores and I love the smell of books! lol

Anonymous said...

Going to Barnes and Noble and spending the entire day there is absolutely one of my FAVORITE things to do. My new favorite thing in my room happens to be my bookshelf LOL so I completely understand!

Anonymous said...

RE: yes, i am moving permanently :D

Niku said...

my coworker owns one and she loves it! I choose not to get electronic books because like you, i enjoy the smell of the pages and turning them.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.
The owning of books is so much better when you can actually have and hold them.
On the other hand, I bet the Kindle is awesome. Ive been thinking about buying one too.
We shall see.