Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lingo and Boots

When it comes to "fashion trends" I am not so quick to spend a lot of money on something. I tend to take the cheapest route possible! But, when it comes to something that I feel will be around for a long time, I don't mind coughing up a few extra bucks. Tall boots. These have been around for years, and will be around for more to come. Can't wait to buy a pair in a few weeks : ) I have thick thighs and legs (thanks to my mother's side) which means I tend to worry if the boots will even fit lol (I tend to do most of my shopping online) Lucky for us thick legged women, most sites include the circumference (Gasp! I am using algebra lingo lol) of the boots. Problem solved! These are some that I do adore! (All price range):

MaryEllen by Nine West $149

Bamboo by Journee $47.99

Over-the-Knee Suedette boots by Forever21 $37.80

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


ESSPEE* said...

Ooh I never heard of Journee! That's a pretty good price, I'll have to check it out because I want some tall boots as well.

Anonymous said...

i love the Nine West!