Friday, December 10, 2010

Blackberry Friday

Ah! It's that time again :) I love having an update to look forward to. I also want to give you guys a heads up, I will have 2 movie reviews coming up. They're films that are in theaters. I have been so busy with school and getting ready for my Final and work has been kicking my tush! I might also have great news to share with you in the very near future. Keep your fingers crossed! And be patient! Now, unto the pictures!

A necklace from F21 that I hung on me rearview mirror : )

Myself. This was a few months ago before going out for some drinks with my amiga.

The pins at the NYC Hard Rock Cafe. Took my bestie there for her early birthday treat.

These were hung up at the Sex Museum in NYC, took her there as well. These are my kind of stockings!

Mmmm! The number 6 at Burger King, it's the crispy chicken combo. Had it 2 nights ago. Burger King has the best fries, in my opinion ;)

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Call Me Alisha ッ said...

yummy..! that burge looks so good i am going to bk.! so does blackberry friday mean you have a blackberry..? if soo add me up 2094df4c

Anonymous said...

i love BB Fridays! the photos always tell a story. i love the first two photos!!

you look cute in the red lipstick ;)

love, keys said...

oh burger king i cannot do ever since i got food poisiong from there. no bueno!

i LOVE the red lip on you tho! def looks good.

and i'm interested to see what movies the reviews will be on :)

Anonymous said...

Thats such a cute idea to use the necklaces and hang them from the mirror! I like :) & oh jesus that sandwich looks so good :/ I tried to stop eating fast food and have been successful for some time now but boy oh boy.... :o

sheiswinterwest said...

cute pictures!

Esspee. said...

When I used to eat meat, Tendercrisp was definitely my favorite chicken sandwich - hands down lol ♥. I love the idea with your necklace/rearview mirror. I think I'm gonna steal your Blackberry Fridays.