Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obsession Tuesday

I apologize, I have been slacking! But, I have a good enough excuse. I have been super duper lazy lately lol. And I have mostly been updating on my livejournal account. I get more personal in that journal/blog because after all, it is more private. No offense to any one of you lovelies!

My Christmas was a good one. It was relaxing, and spent at home with my family. It was just us and my grandmother. I gave my parents money for Christmas, since you can never have too much of that lol. I received one of the vanity tables that I shared with you guys a while back ago under a previous "Obsession Tuesday", post.

I had also ordered some things from the ELF site and it got delivered 3 days earlier than I expected it to! I was very excited, it was Christmas eve, and wow, FEDEX you rock! It really made my morning. Here are some photos. I ordered again today, I think I am addicted to make up haha, or for the sake of today's post, I am obsessed. But, screw it, you can never own too much of it, but there is a thing as wearing too much of it. And that's no bueno in my book.

Oh! I finally saw The Black Swan, and if I understood it, I would rate it lol. I have to IMDB the spoilers and see what others got from it. I was left scratching my head, like what? Huh? I have my own theories on it, but it would give it away to those that have yet to see it. Go!

Enjoy the pics!


1 eye shadow is out of stock, so, I have to wait -_- Those lip glosses are great! I think I will order dupes just in case they discontinue them or something at one point lol I hope not! And that brush is very soft! I was surprised that for $1 the quality was that good.

This was a free gift

Colors: Mod Mauve, Smoky Brown, and Royal Purple.

This is the brown one.

That's all for now! I'll probably update on Friday, I have been slacking on my BB Fridays, smh! But, I've been snapping a lot of pictures : ) Have a great week!

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


AnieLii said...

That Vanity is so nice, I want one even tho I do not have the amount of makeup to fill it up.lol The frame that you basically got for free.lol Looks great. Picked the right spot for it.

Boîte à Nana said...

Beautiful brown!

Anonymous said...

i love the vanity! you made a great choice and that brown is too cute! i am going to elf.com right now thanks to you and Annie :)

Curves ahead makeup said...

Love at vanity its awesome and yes elf makes you go crazy I know what you mean !!!!!

Curves ahead makeup said...

Love at vanity its awesome and yes elf makes you go crazy I know what you mean !!!!!

Esspee. said...

Mauve polish looks so cute against your skin complexion! I freakin' love it. Do a review on the makeup itself, I'd love to see that. I've personally bought ELF stuff (from Target) and didn't like it very much but it was only like three different things, maybe I didn't get the right stuff? IDK. Love the vanity, as I've said many, many times.

Anonymous said...

that vanity is so cute! I am so jealous I want one :( haha
& that nail polish color is SO pretty! your pictures are amazing btw :D !

johanna said...

The vanity is so pretty!
I'm having a New Years challenge on my blog Don't forget to enter!

LaLa said...

ok I'm hating right now! I am so badly dying for one of those vanity tables :| lol your is toooooo cute for words I'm loving that nail color too!

love ya doll

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Your nails came out really nice. The vanity you picked is just adorable it will def encourage your makeup habit.

I always wanted a vanity but I just can't do my makeup sitting down.. lol