Friday, September 2, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Hello! How has everyone been? I've been alright. To start off I want to say thank you oh so very much for all of the lovely birthday wishes! You are the best of the best! Really, it meant a lot. My birthday was a rather chill one. I blame it all on mother nature. Why? Well, I got my period on the day of! And maybe this is TMI but, I was miserable and uncomfortable. Joe and I still went out for dinner, and enjoyed each other's company. I got to see my family as well. My brother and his wife were visiting, so that was nice. The plan was to go bowling on Saturday, but the first 2 days on my period, are the heaviest, along with other symptoms. I wasn't up for it. Blah. I know, how lame of me? And then on Sunday, the weather was cray cray with Miss Irene spending part of the day here, after having spent the night.

Today Friday, I took the day of from work. And just relaxed, mixed in with cleaning, and cooking. So, I'll be enjoying a four day weekend. Music to my ears. Tomorrow will be a day filled with laundry, and shopping : ) Can't wait! Anyway, enjoy some of my favorite things (in pictures)!

1. The beauty products that I've been using lately.
2. My "go to" brushes drying.
3. A plant that my mami gave me a few months ago, for good luck.
4. Birthday gifts to my self (spa day is on hold lol) my Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
5. Joe is helping save Tigers (donations) and he got this as a gift. His name? Tiger, ha!
6. Yep. I got Naked.
7. I love Glamour magazine! It's my all time favorite!

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Miss Esspi ♡ said...

Dammit, I absolutely love those Jeffrey Campbell's. I may just have to splurge on those. OMG. So beautiful. I just shed a tear.

How do you like the Naked palette? Take pics, let us know :-)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Hey girl! Same thing happened to me on my birthday and experience the same discomforts! Blah.. anyway I have few things I've been meaning to splurge on and shoes is def the way to go.

Darianne said...

Jeffrey Campbell ! I wish i could afford a pair right now, lol.

I want The Naked palette, alot of people give it great reviews.


love, keys said...

ahhh the wedges.. heaven like hell! ugh sorry to hear about the bday! man curse these damn periods.

Jenny said...

I love your "Tiger"! Haha, it's cute. I like the WWF organization since I love animals. :)

Cute shoes!!

Anonymous said...

That plant is SO pretty! I love how green it is, and the Jeffrey Campbell's are real nice :)