Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time Stops For Noone

Its already February, and so much has happened. February seems to be a great month when it comes to my fiance and I, and our little family (fur babies included). I will go into more details as things get more concrete. My family is doing well for the most part, except for my mami, she has some type of skin issues going on right now, but is on her way to recovery.

New years eve is a pretty big deal at the Garcia/Guillot household, and we like to bring it in with music, games, talks, laughter, hugs, and food/drinks! Let me share some of the pictures that I managed to capture. FYI: My sister in law took a lot more pictures, which include the family photos of myself and my family. My battery died : ( 

Mama, our grandma. Tia Nancy, Baby Liam, Genesis, Jose, 
Darren and Malvina (couple, and parents to Liam)
Genesis creepin', Joe, and Liam
Liam and his daddy, Darren
Titi, no more pictures! But, can you blame me? Coshita linda, mi pollito.
Joe, and I
Lol, caught off guard

And here are two adorable pictures of Daisy, and Abby.

Daisy: I love my timothy hay!
Abby: Yeah, you eat that hay, and I'll take care of this.

Reach for the stars*
*xo, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

aww such nice photos and such a beautiful family! It's important to stay close and cherish those people, not only because life is short, but to always have a way and a haven to find your center.

Welcome back. Stay for awhile?

~Chymere A.

Miss SP ❥ said...

Aww I love the pics (you didn't share on LJ lol) — definitely get these printed out. What camera do you have, again?

Darianne said...

I love the photos, the baby is so cute :D

Diamond Clarington said...

awwwwwwww i love these pics..OMG Jose got sooooo big!!!!wow the last time i seen him he was a munchkin lol. I love how Rocky got in your off guard pic too lol