Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random as they come;

This weekend is one that I have been looking forward to for weeks! It's Dominican's Mother's Day on Sunday. Family from the Bronx and New Jersey are coming down. We are having a BBQ at my parent's house. Saturday, we are going down to Philly and go to the Zoo. I have been dying to go there! I just pray that rain doesn't ruin our plans. It's just the my main family going. My brothers (2) and their girl/wife, my cousin Richard, and hubby and I. I will definitely be taking my camera. I hope to post those on here as well.

Hubby is being lazy and is taking tomorrow off. He's lucky because he has Friday and Monday off so he has a really long weekend, that bastard lol. But he deserves it, he's tired. His work is no joke.

As for me, I will be in charge at work tomorrow and Friday, so I made sure that my schedule was a light one. One of my co workers' brother passed away last year on the 27th so she's going to spend it with her family. And a different co worker's mother is seriously ill. We're just praying for her and her family. If you pray, keep her in your prayers.

This blog will be random (as myself) and it's really undefined. Imma use it as I please : ) I just hope to figure out how to enable comments, I have tried everything! "/


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