Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friends + Shots

I have my class schedule : ) I planned it out so my work schedule didn't have to change too much. I'll have class in the afternoon and evening, not on the same day. I am only a part time student because I work full time. I am excited to kick off the semester + feel more productive!

Last weekend was fabulous! I saw all of the people in Long Island that I love to pieces. It was a night filled w/ nutcrackers, jello shots, pictures, laughter, applebees, and great sleep!

I'll post those up in my next entry I promise! My birthday is slowly approaching and, idk what I wanna do, but I want to do something. I'll be in New York that Saturday. I wanna be there Friday, but my brother will be out of town, so I wouldnt have a place to crash.

Now, off to work! Have a great day.
* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

how fun! glad you feel that way (:

LaLa said...

I love you blog!


VanessaYnes said...

Congrats on school and you having fun, you're a hard working woman & u deserve to enjoy yourself every chance you get <3 When is your birthday? Mine is coming up too (: