Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoes & Strawberries

My semi new Nine West booties (worn once). They are very comfortable. I wore them this past weekend.

You fancy huh?!

I went to the Park City Center Mall in Lancaster PA on Friday, and I stopped by H&M and Forever21. I got a lot of things but, didn't take any pictures. I got that perfume in it's mini size. Big bottles of perfume last me years! So I will stick to minis lol, plus it's more inexpensive.

The one in the brown shades are for the eyes, and the second one is for the lips. They were $ 1.99 each so why not? I can't wait to buy my vanity table/chair to have all of my makeup together. Right now I have some in the bathroom in a basket, and the others in the hallway closet. My cousin says I have a problem lol *shrugs.

& simply because I love food and such... This is DELISH I bought it at Taco Bell. She gave me the one with the strawberries on top + margarita at the bottom and it was not good. She was a sweetheart and let me change it. It hits the spot in this hot weather.

Have a great day!

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


newyorkaccent said...

i like to put rum in my frutista freezes ;x I want a vanity table so bad, but there's no room in my apt for that. those booties are so cute and look great for fall/winter weather also!

LaLa said...

Those shoes are HOT!! I love them I WANT THEM! lol

Kheira said...
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Kheira said...

I love the shoes ! xoxo :)

Anonymous said...

nice shoes!