Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello, Hello! I blame my lack of blogging on my iPhone. I do everything on there, that I barely have a reason to turn on my laptop, Mackie. She's probably jealous lol. Yes, I name my electronics. My Nikon is Nikky lol, don't judge me.

The past few weeks have been productive. Applying for a second job, reading, going to the Border's book store in town which is closing. Oh! I am excited because the movie 'Limitless', is based on a book that I was reading a while back. I even blogged about it. So, I will start back up on it, because I love comparing the movie with the books. Which usually never compares anyway. Robert Deniro is in it and hot Ryan! All the hollywood Ryan's are hotties. I have also been shopping. I laid off the cosmetics. Only buying lipsticks from now on. I have enough shadows, blushes ehh, but yeah. I stopped myself before it became a problem haha. I have been shopping for shoes and clothes though ;) Which I needed.

Anyway, here are some photo booth pictures I took riiiight now.

I believe I shared in my second to last entry how I cut my hair : )

This was from Sunday : )

Love is all we need.

Guess what they're talking about when they said, Highly addicting contents inside?

Shoes! I looove these bad boys! And they're very comfortable.

Buy one get one 1/2 off at Rite-Aid

I finally got the chair that I have been wanting. And look who enjoys it?

Have a blessed weekend! Mine continues with another visit to the dentist tomorrow. I have been having a lot of work done to my teeth, and I am happy about it. Plus, I get to leave early from work tomorrow.
* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

You're so adorable! I LOVE your new hair cut. it suits you well :)

the shoes are really nice, and i love all the photos. i enjoy your posts ;)

destined2luvkiki said...

nice shoes. I just went to boarder on monday and they are closing also i have to go back and get more books

Nia said...

rocky is knocked out!!

Dee O. said...

those shoes are beautiful!!

That GOOD GOOD Blog said...

ur sooooo pretty thx for reading my blog ur awesome and girl i love those shoes and omg i want to vote for you is it too late update me