Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Sunshine,

Ahh! A lot has been going on. Things that pertain to my family, and shit. My cousin Malvina dropped a MAJOR MAJOR bomb on me about something. It's kind of a "chisme" (gossip) but, oh well. It's CRAZY how you may think someone you've looked up to, is actually human and messes up, and that, I understand, but the stuff she told me? Unacceptable. But, who am I to judge? Who is anyone to judge? But let's be real, we all do it from time to time. It's the human in us. I apologize if this doesn't make ANY sense to any of you. But, I just needed to vent.

The pets are good, the boyfriend is good, heck, I am good. Other than, mother nature doing her thang, oh the horror! I am glad that I didn't PMS as bad as I usually do ie: back pains, mood swings, back pains, did I mention back pains? I believe it when I was told that woman tolerate more pain than man. Yes, I used the A and not a E. I mean, we go through birth, we get periods, we go through menopause and other things. And most men want to call off of work when they're sick and want us to rub vicks on their chest or whatever lol.

Something great happened today. But until I know the answer, my lips are sealed! I pray a lot about things. Especially when I am not sure if I am taking the right path or making the "right" decision. The unknown can be very scary, but that's what keeps things interesting right? Something else I have been doing is dog walking and plant watering, mail collecting and bill paying. Things that my parents left for me to do while they are off enjoying their Dominican Rep. vacation. I really hope their enjoying every minute of it : )

I have to stop by my school and pay off the money that I owe. I have it, I am just a procrastinator. No bueno. And I have to return a book that is about 2 months over due lol. I think Imma sneak it into the library and leave it there lmao. I get VERY shy when I mess up with things like that. Yo no soy una sin verguenza lol, I have a lot of it!

Anyway, what's a post without pictures? Enjoy and have a fabulous week!


I have been wearing color on my lips. Adios nudes! (Okay, only nudes at work!)

I love this top. It's off the shoulder, not shown here.

Abby: Nom Nom Nom.

How pretty is my book mark?! PRETTY!

A peek inside my journal.

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

haha it's a lot going on in your world huh? It'll be okay though. The cramps will be over, you'll learn to be accepting, and you'll surrender to the unknown. = ) As a female I lucked up because I hardly ever am in any kind of pain while I'm on and I don't have one every month so it makes me laugh when my friends talk about all of it, I really don't mean to make fun but their expressions when I can't relate are priceless.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

LOL @ sin verguenza. Chismes are really interesting especially when family related lol. Abby is the cutest blog pet ever!

As far as my period I cramp a week before I get it.. that is really crazy. Take care beloved enjoy your weekend.

new york accent said...

well that chisme doesnt sound juicy at all, sounds more like bad news. i just can't get enough of your haircut <3<3<3

sheiswinterwest said...

mother nature is indeed a bitch!! lol but anyways i'm loving those shoes!

Miss Esspi. ♥ said...

That pink looks awesome on you! I'm still on the hunt for my perfect hot pink, but you seem to have found yours. :). I know what it issssss * I'll wait for you to post about it so I can comment about it LOL.

Dub said...

your black oxfords are dope!!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely! lipsticks look good on you, and the oxfords are nice :]