Friday, April 1, 2011

Snow and Pranks

Hola! I hope everyone had a good week : ) Our weekend will be spent away from home because, off to New York we go tomorrow to help celebrate our little nephew/god son's 3rd birthday. I plan on taking my camera with me and putting it to use.

Oh and snow on April 1st? Ha, mother nature's such a show off!

Speaking of April 1st did any of you play any good pranks on someone? Or vice versa? I love to play pranks. I remember one year it was boys against girls at my house when my cousins were over. Malvina and I (my cousin) were going hard on my brother and her brother lol. We got them good though:

We took some oreos, opened them and put salt and vinegar in the center (the vinegar helped dissolve the salt, and helped glue the cookie back together). So, we handed one safe cookie to her little sister Genesis, and told her to take a plate of the bad oreos upstairs. We knew the greedy boys wouldn't resist. We spied from the stairs as she walked in chewing the safe cookie, while they were playing a game system. She didn't even have to offer them any when they said "Yo, pass those over." When they bit into it, AHHH I still remember their faces lol. They were like *Ugly face* "Yooo these cookies are nasty!" And my cousin and I started to crack up. They admitted it. We got them. And we got them good lol. That was just 1 of the ways hahaha. If you try this on someone, record it lol and youtube that puppy. I wish youtube would've been around then lol. Mala? Nah. Traviesa? Claro que si! Lol. Well my loves, off I go. Enjoy your weekend!

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

yay! I love party pics, have fun. Y que vaina con este frio y nieve? Enough already!

Anonymous said...

Snow is so pretty, and pranks are GOOD. the one you played was funny with your cousins!

Miss Esspi. ♥ said...

Lmao that's cute.

Femmes With Benefits said...

Snow in April? I would have never guessed! Woah. Glad you enjoyed your time though. I love how your family is SSOOO close. =)

Kimberly, FWB