Sunday, May 1, 2011

Work, Rain, and Polish

Hello! It is now May! I know my boyfriend is probably hoping that with the end of April, comes the end of the rain. But nope! It's predicted to rain for the entire week lol. I don't mind it though, I enjoy the rain and the way it forces most people to stay off of the streets and relax and not do anything. Well, me anyway lol. Then I get the "It's raining? Oh well, still time to ____ (insert outdoor task)"

I am now, two weeks in at my new job. And I must admit, that as scared as I was to be doing something new, I am happy with my decision. I am slowly turning into a morning person! Gasp! I would always be grumpy and not in the mood, but going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 6am is not as bad as I thought it would be. We tend to be so busy at work, that time just flies by. I did however go to my old full time job's annual banquet last Thursday. It was very interesting. The food wasn't too good in my opinion, but then again I am battling a cold, so it could've been that. I left right after the main speaker did her thang. It was nearing my bed time, and I knew that if I stayed 'til the end, I would've been kicking myself on the ass the next day. This Wednesday, I'll be going back there for about 2.5 hours. That'll be my Wednesday routine. It may not be a great amount of money, but I have plans with that extra income.

Here are some pictures that I have snapped with my phone, over the last two weeks. Enjoy!


The sign that you see at my job as you walk out of the elevator.

As employees we each are "CEO's" of something. I haven't been assigned anything yet. But, there's this lady that's in charge of keeping the work enviroment "fun", and she had us guessing how many things were in the egg, I guessed 35 and there were 37, I won. And, then there were these eggs in random places, you'd match the number to the prize and get something work, office related, like pens, pads, etc.

This chinese spot is yummY! Reminds me of food court from the mall chinese. I don't like chinese food anymore, I only like the mall kind. It's different. So, I enjoyed this. And the place was pretty, and there were actual waiters.

Myself, on Thursday, after the banquet. I curled my hair, and pinned it to the side.

Waiting for Joe to come to bed. Yeah, we still need night stands "/

Nail polish of last week. It's from F21 about 2 years old, and it lasts a long time! Got my $2.50 worth!

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

Glad your liking the new job! I completely understand the whole morning person thing haha once you get used to getting up early every day its a breeze!
That egg idea was so cute and I'm glad you won! :) haha

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like your new job! you look very pretty in the picture. the puppy looks pretty as always, and that nail polish color is PRETTY!

P.S saving up extra income for a trip?

Miss Esspi. ♥ said...

Super happy for you! You definitely deserved this. That's so sweet of them to be so welcoming, a good sign LOL. & I totes agree, F21 polish is pretty awesome. I thought it was going to suck.