Monday, May 28, 2012

I have missed you!

Oh me oh my, I suck. I have abandoned my lovely blog for far too long. But, sometimes things happen life that just gets a hold of you, and you get so caught up in other things. The past few weeks have been something. Highs, to very lows. I don't want to get too into it because, I am still here, and have over came the obstacles, yet again : ) I have a new job guys! I miss my friends at my old job, but I stop by from time to time to say hello. In the beginning, I had to kind of not let myself go upstairs to say hello, because it was so hard. I was having anxiety, and felt lost at my new job. But, I have been picking up the new routine, and I rarely get lost in the department anymore-- I am in the Emergency department. Yeah, busy. We see it all. I also get to do the orders for the Trauma patients/doctors. I will be in the room when they bring the patients, and be in the background as the doctors, and physician assistants do their thing. I have only seen one bloody patient. I am in no hurry. Oh! And I am now working part time hours, and second shift. From 3-1130pm. So, they'll be some days where I wont get to spend any time with my Joe Joe. But, I have to do this (I am going back to school in the Fall).

Joe, Rocky, and Abby say hello!

This weekend was a blast. I got to spend lots-o-time with my family, and had a bbq to celebrate mother's day (Dominican). Today (Happy Memorial Day!!) I spent the first half of it cleaning. I mean, REALLY cleaning. I got into the closets, got rid of a lot of stuff/junk. I enjoy throwing stuff out, or donating what's worthy. It's crazy how much junk you have in closets. I still have other things that need cleaning (a lot of laundry, eeeek!) but, it all can wait. My back is not having it. I will try to keep up with this now that I will have more time on my hands. We'll see. I think I'll have pics for the next post, I didn't plan this one, which is why I don't have any. Enjoy your week!!
*xo, c i n d y.


Darianne said...

Well hello stranger :D
Congrats on your new job!
Dont stress your back too much.

Hav T said...

Glad to see you're back!

Miss Esspi ♡ said...

Glad to see you baaaaaack, I miss your posts boo ♥. Congrats again on the new job, I know you were itchin to get out of your old department. Make sure you enjoy your Summer before you go back to hitting the books!

- Steph

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts as well! I'm glad you are doing okay. The new job sounds exciting!!! I know the transition is hard but you'll get the hang of it soon :]

Enjoy your weekend too <3