Monday, April 29, 2013

Chocolate and God

What's happening? I am okay. Keeping myself busy. Surprisingly I haven't been oversleeping. I don't know whether to blame, or thank Rocky (our dog) for that. He wakes up like clockwork between 10:15-10:30am. He's funny, and persistant! 

Tomorrow, I have to go to the community college, and prove that I am a US Citizen. My certificate has my birthday as 8/26/2086. So, bow down biatches because I am from the future! ;) I kid. I kid. Afterwards I will go to the library, to check out something for my mother, and if they have it, I'll rent it. Umm.. What else? Let me just share some pictures, those always make updating you easier. Enjoy!

To keep with our budget, I have been cooking everyday. I even baked 
yesterday, and made this 2 tier chocolate cake w/ sprinkles! Yummy.

Okay. We cheated last weekend, but I was craving this triple decker
turkey club. It is so good! Ha, its a work of art, right? Again, yum!

We had a little visitor yesterday. What a cutie.

= what keeps me going, baby!

Other than that, I am still painting walls. I have moved into the dining room. I can't wait till its done. I love the colors that I chose. Don't worry, I have been taking plenty of pictures as I go along.

Okay, to bed I go. Tomorrow will be my last day covered by the old job insurance (can you believe they wanted $615 a month if I decided to keep it?! Theyre crazy.) This is only temporary. This is only temporary. Good night, and have a lovely day.

*besos, c i n d y.

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