Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fell in love with a dandelion.

It feels like the people that were once very active on here (the ones that I followed) aren't updating much or at all. Yet, it makes me feel free. I am writing as if noone will be reading my entries but me. But ofcourse, this is the internet, and you are never really alone, and I am okay with that. I mean, you have to be if you're running a blog.

The past few days have been, unproductive to say the least. I don't know if I am getting depressed or if it has anything to do with the fact that I haven't been keeping up with my happy pills as prescribed. Don't worry, I am reminding myself to do so, if not then my body, and emotions are a loud reminder. I am trying to remain positive. I have been walking around a lot lately. I grab the leash and my walking buddy gets excited and comes with me. I just dont want to come down with cabin fever. Plus, sunlight is a natural way to get happy. It helps that our neighborhood is a beautiful and peaceful one. It also helps that every car that passes by, the driver waves, or greets me with a smile. I also get the oppurtunity of meeting and chatting with our neighbors. Rocky attracts a lot of attention. I think he has a crush on a yellow labrador retriever that lives around the corner. I love walking and soaking up the beauty that is nature. The flowers that are blooming on the trees. Soon they will fall, and bright green leaves will take their place. I took my cellphone along for the walk today. I captured some beautiful pictures that you will find at the end of the post. 

Joe is turning into such a handy man when it comes to the yard, the gutters, the basement. Its funny to see him wake up early on a Saturday because "the lawn must be mowed." Its sexy. 

My parents came over last week. Mami helped me clean and organize. Well, it was mostly her telling me how things should be organized in the kitchen cabinets. I didn't argue. My younger self would have, just to be stubborn. Instead, I agreed, or gave her a reasonable reason as to why I need these cups on the lower level of the top shelf because we use those everyday. We make a good team. Papi, was in the livingroom watching ESPN, and eating fruit that I served him. He wants to come by because he bought me some flowers and he wants us to plant them in the front of the house. I think that is so cute.

I have noticed that my taste in blogs have changed. I used to solemly follow makeup and beauty related blogs. I have unfollowed many, and only kept the ones that offer a variety of material, ie: fashion, lifestyle, home decor. This explains why I have joined the community of Bloglovin. I want to mess with it, and see what blogs I bump into. 

Anyway, enjoy your weekend! Maybe I'll update before the end of it...

See what I mean? Breathtakingly beautiful.

I made a wish. Those things flew around me all the way home. Good sign?
*keep smiling, c i n d y.
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devin olivia said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I too also felt the same way about bloggers that I were close with via internet. Most have stopped blogging && I felt alone but I started to reach out to other bloggers interacting && it wasnt so lonely after all. Keep it up. :)