Friday, June 28, 2013


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Giggles said...

LMAO!!! i definitely enjoyed watching this!!
My first reaction: before actually meeting you, you did seem shy but you had a welcoming vibe to you. Even though you did not know me, you still smiled which i knew you were a friendly person. I would of never knew how funny you were if i was not friends with you. Nothing negative stands out from you, your definitely an approachable person, funny as ever with your random stuff, sweet, and one thing i admire about you is your creativity and how unique you are!

Charity said...
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Charity said...

Hi Cindia love the video. That sounds like a great link up. I may think about doing one. Did you ever check out the link at sent to about the no reply blogger. I have been trying to respond to your via email but your email address is not listed on your blogger profile. Oh and LOL. I just had to rewind on your last meal....really of all the things in the world. What part of DR are you from? My moms side is Dominican from the Capital and Puerto Plata.