Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Apologies for the lack of posts. I had my brother and sis in law along with our niece and nephew/god kids, here since Wednesday. They left on Sunday afternoon. It was a very busy couple of days, and I have a few other things going on right now.

I haven't abandoned you, and expect pictures when I come back. A post of mine without pictures feels incomplete. I have to edit many pictures in order to add them to my photography page that I am putting together. I hate using the macbook for that because it hurts my wrist after a while of editing. I hope to purchase a desktop in the near future, it will make things easier. Laptops tend to give off a lot of heat. Or is it just mine? I've been having hot flashes as it is lol. This weather sucks. I do not enjoy the Summer. I think I go out more during the other seasons. Weird right?

Before I go, I don't quite remember where I heard or read this, but I will try to live my life, looking at the positive qualities in people, and life, instead of dwelling on the negative.

I will leave you with that. Enjoy your week!

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Tr0pical Amaz0n said...

it does feel weird coming on your blog and not seeing pictures lol.... i can't wait to see the pics!!
i like going out during the summer but i hate the summer lol, only because that is when my hair breaks :-(

Charity said...

Laptops do give a lot of heat but so to desktops. It's just hot! Lol!