Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I was lucky enough to be able to snap some pictures while Joe and I's family was here. The pictures are of our god children/niece and nephew Ethan 5 years old, and Ava 1y 6month old. You also see appearances from their parents, Vanesa and Jeffrey, my fiance's brother. You also sorta see my fiance. That's his arm in the last picture, and you can see him standing with Ethan, and his brother watching the sort of kid friendly-but not really kid friendly, fireworks. 

I will keep uploading more, and will share them with you as I go. I took a lot of the fireworks. I love to do that. Sometimes you end up with cool effects without even having to do anything with your camera. That's the type of photo taker that I am. I like to stand back, and let everyone do their natural thing, and I just snap away. I also don't like to edit the pictures TOO much. As cliche' as it might sound, I like to keep things real.  Not knocking anyone who edits a lot.

I am a beginner, and am learning as I go. In the near future I hope to share with you the other half of this blog. My photography blog. Its a working process. 

As for my personal life, I am doing well. Got some things going on, and many things to look forward to. I will share all of those with you sooner than later, I promise! Also, expect more Vlogs! I love making those. Its funny when you look back at your younger self in videos. The way you talked, the things you said. I laugh at myself, and I enjoy it : )

I hope you're well! If not, then trust me it will get better! Just give it time. Kisses! Kisses!

PS. This heat has got to go! That is all.

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Charity said...

Beautiful photos Cindia. I am a natural light photographer so I absolutely love your photos and I look forward to seeing you grow in your work. Also you have a beautiful family.

Alexa said...

Hello there! Your photos are absolutely wonderful! I love to take pictures of almost everything so I know the feeling of having your camera by your side! The beach looks so relaxing though, I hope to soon take me a little vacation!

Alexa said...

Hee he sorry if my above comment sounds confusing, I was meaning that I would like to take a vacation to the beach soon. Sorry about that!

Tr0pical Amaz0n said...

the pictures are beautiful!! i love the idea of not editing much because it is realistic :-)...the kids are tooo adorable!

Jenny said...

Your photos are looking great, Cin. Miss you! XOXO