Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby, its you!

I know. Don't even say it. I suck.

The last couple of entries I mentioned how I was feeling off, and just dealing with some health issues. Turns out that they weren't really health issues, but the signs/symptoms of early pregnancy. Yep. That's right. God willing come March 2014 Joe and I will welcome our first child. It was a shock. But it wasnt unexpected.

I will try, I mean really try to document and share the entire pregnancy with you. It will also be nice to read back once post partum amnescia has kicked in.

I am 15 weeks. The baby is the size of an apple lol. I have a small baby bump, have yet to feel actual movements. I think Ive felt flutters, especially when I try to lay on my belly. So long belly sleeping days, until we meet again! My family is to the moon with joy. This will be my parent's first grandchild. We caught their reactions to the news on video lol. I will have to get that up here for you to see. Its priceless lol. I always thought that I would wait to share with anyone other than Joe, whenever I got pregnant. I always said that I would want to wait until the 12 week mark, but the moment that I took the second positive test 4 days after two others came back with faint lines, it all went out the window. I got ready and we drove to their house lol. They were the first to know. Then came my brothers. At 12 weeks is when I announced it to the rest of the people in our lives. Now, its your turn! I didnt plan to wait this long to share the news with you, it just worked out that way.

Like I said, I will try to update on here as much as possible. I will warn you. I will keep it 100% real, and it'll be raw. I already have a few post ideas in my cabeza.  Here we gooooooooooo!

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Charity said...

Congrats to you Cindia! God is so good you are already highly blessed and favored.

Tr0pical Amaz0n said...

^_^ Congrats dollface!!! :-*