Monday, June 24, 2013


Pictured: Male in white tank top is my cousin Billy, Liam's uncle. The male in the blue striped polo is my father. In the green top, we have my mother. In the black t-shirt is Darren, Liam's father. Red striped dress, Malvina, Liam's "momma" as he calls her. In the first picture with the brown tank top, is my mama (grandmother) Maria, she was the one saying the prayers and pouring the water. And of course we have the little man of the hour, Liam. You can also see a piece of my fiancee in the background lol.
For my non-latino readers (correct me if I am wrong in singling us out) what you see in the pictures above are not child abuse, I swear. It is a custom called "Bautismo de Agua" or "Hecharle Agua" it translates to "Throw water." Google translate for ya'll here. This was not really planned, which explains how everyone is kind of grouped together like that. It was kind of hectic especially since Liam was crying his little eyes out. The godparents are myself (oh and thats me in the mustardish top), and my cousin (Malvina/Liam's mami's brother.) He happened to be in Pennsylvania, so we took advantage of that and handled our business. The older generation of our family which includes; all of our parents/grandparents, believe that you cannot cut the child's hair until this (points up) is done. Le sigh. All of the young adults just agree, because we all know you can't argue with grandma! Especially not about something that is so meaningful for them. And heck, I'll probably keep the tradition alive with my future kids. When we left, my fiancee Joe, tells me, "I don't know what was going on in there, but we're not doing that to our kids." I couldn't help but laughed, but once I explained the circumstances he changed his mind.

Other than that, my day started off pretty early. I won't say whats considered early to me, because I think I would get whacked in the head. At least thats what my oldest brother does to me. Let me put it like this, I love my sleep. I am the type that if I wake up a minute before my alarm (cringe) goes off, I will get that extra minute in. Yeah, so I woke up early because my parents both had appointments with their doctor. I actually liked the fact that I went with them, because I got the doctor to order some overdue tests on my mother. Mami wasn't thrilled, but she understands why they have to be done.

Sheesh, it was hot today. Its still hot now! I can complain, because you never hear me saying "I cant wait till the Summer comes!" I enjoy Spring, and Autumn. Winter and Summer can go to Mars for all I care.

I hope you had a lovely cool day. Mine sure was a lovely one.

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Giggles said...

Let me start off by saying how friggin cute liam is!!!! I love the pics! I love your hair and your glasses! Everyone looked the same, especially your parents!
I am assuming that they about to chop his hair off?! im still waiting for my nephew hair to grow back lol

Stefany Mari ❤ said...

Liam looks exactly like Malvina wow! He's a handsome little thing. She picked a great madrina of course :D but I literally LOL'd at Joe's comment. Even though it seems kind of silly, I love traditions like these.