Tuesday, November 30, 2010


How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was great! Family from my mother's side came up from Jersey, Bronx, and Long Island (bro and his wife) I really enjoyed everyone's company. We prayed, ate, sipped, danced, sang, laughed, and took some* pics. I sucked at taking my camera out. When I did, it was interrupted by a group of people singing Happy Birthday, and banging on home made instruments. I was about to start singing too (my brother and father's birthdays are in December a 22/23) when they started to point at me, and it clicked. My birthday was in August, and I guess my family doesn't let one slide haha. Guess what they got me?! Tres leches Dominican cake mmmmmm. I was truly surprised and loved it, it was too funny.

My cousin Genesis was out here and since I had the apartment all to myself, I had her sleep over and we slept on the sofa bed watching tv 'til wee hours of the day. I am such a scardey cat, meow. On Saturday we saw Tangled 3d and wait for my review on that! Enjoy the pictures. They aren't really from that day, just random shots I wanted to share, some are from our trip to Jersey last month to cut a cake for Karla, my cousin's baby girl.

My bros, and cousin.

My oldest brother and my sister in law, his wife.

My cousin Denise and Karla, her daughter.

Tres leche slice of cake ;)

Picture that I bought from Dollar General. It feels like a real painting to the touch, kind of bumpy :)

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I can imagine the noise! That's how it is with my fam too. Tres leche oh my.. love that cake! So juicy and sweet! Looks like you had a great time.

Esspee. said...

I love the picture of the cake, did you take it with your DSLR? They sang Happy Birthday three months late but hey better late than never!? Lmao. ♥

Anonymous said...

Looks like your thanksgiving was a success with the family!

love that $1 dollar photo from the dollar store!

AnieLii said...

Looks like fun :) Great picture. Hummmm the tres lacke cake look delicious.

The picture was $1!! amazing :)

AnieLii said...

10 bucks, that's still a steal:) very cheap.

Kimberly Michelle said...

Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend =). It seemed fun! Just like yourself, I failed to bring out my camera, and when I did, my attempts at taking pictures were quickly interrupted . Lol.

Have a great rest of the year! Looking forward to your movie review ;].

Anonymous said...

Tres Leches is my favorite! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving love <3