Monday, March 28, 2011

Full Circle

Hey! I am getting better at blogging more frequently right? RIGHT? That's what I thought! Lol, don't mind me, I've been acting all "hard" and "tough" lately, for no reason haha.

Happy Monday! Mine was pretty eventful, slowly catching up on all of my paper work at my job. I have been seeing a lot of clients lately! A lot of my first time clients have been coming in for pregnancy tests and it really feels like we've come full circle.

I got a new job. That's what I was talking about in my last entry. I had the interview when I blogged last. And the day after, I got word that my references were being called. Luckily they all said great things about me. I will be working at the town's hospital. Full time hours, no holidays or weekends, and full benefits. That is what I am the most excited about. BENEFITS BABY! It's all very very bittersweet. I love my job, I love the cause, but some things just weren't the same, and I think God was kind of nudging me to go out and look for something else. I will be there 1 night a week though, because it's not about the money when it comes to that place. It really isn't. But, I have life plans that called for more money and other perks. We'll see how everything goes. But I trust in God (I am a very spiritual person if you haven't guessed). On Saturday I had to go and get my digital finger prints taken, they've upgraded I see lol, no more messy ink. Today, I went and had a drug test, urine test, blood work, and a hep shot, since I only got 2 dozes instead of the 3, whoops! My left arm feels all sorts of jacked-up-ness right now.

Now, join me while I do a victory dance... Wooooooo Wooooooo lol. Thanks for humoring me.

This weekend we are off to New York to help celebrate hub's nephew/our god son's 3rd birthday. We got him some kicks and clothes. My parents get back this Saturday, and they'll come back with us on Sunday. Oh! I finally finished reading the book The Glass House, and I cried at the end of it "/ yes people, I Cindia, am a softy lol. Don't take me to see sad movies because you'll be like Really?! haha. Maybe I'll do a quick review of the book? Have a blessed week my loves! And thanks for all of the comments on my previous entry!


I was driving today and saw this guy busting some moves. He was dressed as Lady Liberty.

My new umbrella!

Ethan's sneakers.

Got my biatches as my desktop wallpaper.

I love this wall decor. Got it from Bed Bath & Beyond on Saturday.

* con mucho amor, c i n d y.


Anonymous said...

*Does victory dance with Cindia!* Congratulations!

AnieLii said...

Hey:) I'm glad life is good!!!heheheh
lol, I have a victory dance as well.lets do it
The hello kitty umbrella is cute and the decor as well.:)
Good Night:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job love! i know how bad you wanted one, especially with benefits! i love the new decor on your wall, your apartment looks very pretty! you should do a post on it, and i love hello kitty as well. enjoy the week :]

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Ohh love the decor very unique. I'm so happy for you with faith anything can happen. Victory dance all the way!